Removing Red Wine Stain on Your Carpet

It’s always amazing to have guests over at your house. Everybody likes to open up a fine bottle of red wine at dinner parties. Unfortunately, things can often go wrong, whether it is pets jumping at the guests, kids running around the house, or a clumsy adult. It can be extremely bad if a guest accidentally spilled red wine on your carpet.  

However, you shouldn’t worry. There are a couple of methods you can use to easily get rid of red wine stain on your carpet.  

Aside from hiring a professional carpet cleaning Seattle Washington company, here are several other things you can do: 

Red Wine Stain Removal Using Hydrogen Peroxide and Dish Soap 

There is something to keep in mind before you use this method. For those who don’t know, hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching agent. You should not use this method if your carpet is colorful and bright.  

If you think your carpet is safe, here are several tips to follow: 

  • Use paper towels and blot up the spill. You can also use clean white clothes. 
  • Next, get a cloth and some cold water. Keep on blotting until the area isn’t damp anymore. You should not rub the stain since it only makes it worse.  
  • Put a bit of dish soap on the area together with a mixture of 2 parts water and 1 part hydrogen peroxide. 
  • Next, get a clean cloth and continue blotting the area.  
  • Finally, use cold water to rinse the area and let it dry.  

Removing Red Wine Stain with Soda Bicarb and White Wine 

You can use this method if you do not have any stain-removal products at home.  

  • Pour a bit of dry white wine over the area. With this, you will dilute the red wine. You can also use vodka if you have one. However, you should avoid using sweet wine.  
  • Next, blot up the stain to get rid of moisture. You can use either paper towels or a sponge.  
  • Pour a huge amount of baking soda over the stain. Let it rest for at least 24 hours to absorb.  
  • Finally, vacuum up the baking soda, and the stain should be gone.  

Removing Red Wine Stain with Stain Remover 

Almost every homeowner has a regular stain-removal product at home. Here are several tips you can follow when it comes to red wine stain removal: 

  • First, blot up the excess moisture using a couple of paper towels. If you don’t want to spread the stain, you should not rub it.  
  • Next, get a clean cloth and a bowl of cold water. Gently blot the cloth on the area.  
  • Then, get your stain-removal product. Follow the directions on the label carefully. Keep in mind that red wine can be tough. Thus, you might have to repeat the process several times.  
  • After the carpet dries, make sure you vacuum the affected area to guarantee it does not soil.  

If you follow the steps above and still fail to remove the red wine stain on your carpet, you might have to hire a professional carpet cleaning company for help.