How to Effectively Keep Your Trees Protected this Summer

Listed below are some of the best tree care tips you can do to keep and preserve your trees from the dangers that the upcoming summer brings. Read below to know more: 

Regularly check for pests 

A tree may look strong and healthy. However, you cannot easily tell what lies beneath its surface until you pay attention. The hot summer weather is the best weather for pests to grow. Hence, it’s important to practice constant vigilance to keep your trees from having any detrimental pest infestation. You should do tree inspections weekly so that you’ll get an idea of what issues the tree is experiencing.  

Properly fertilize the tree 

The key to a healthy and strong tree is proper fertilizing. Fertilizers can add nutrients to your soil and when the soil is healthier, the healthier the trees will be. More nutrients are also important to make your tree pests and infection-proof. If you’re not sure how to fertilize your trees, you can always consult the certified arborists and ask for the best fertilization practice that will work for your tree care routine.  

Consistently water the tree 

Trees tend to respond better to less frequent yet deeper watering compared to watering them regularly. Concentrate on thoroughly deep watering them every time. This enables water to be penetrated the ground deeper, encouraging deeper root development. For even greater outcomes, think about watering your trees early in the morning. Beginning early can help decrease the evaporation, which can help the tree seal with heat as the day keeps going. n 

Check for heat stress sign 

When it comes to proper summer tree care, proper shading and cooling play a vital part. Provide plenty of shade to your young trees to help prevent them from having heat stress and taking in too much heat. Pay close attention to heat stress on specifically hot days.  

Some of the typical indicators include yellowing of the leaves, wilting and dropping leaves. Also, make sure to provide enough water to your trees to help them recover from heat stress. Remember those signs during the summer season so that you can easily determine heat stress in the future. Once you keep these warning signs in mind, you’ll be more proactive in tree care.  

Put a fresh layer of mulch 

You can give your trees their much-needed nutrients and help by applying a fresh layer of mulch particularly surrounding the root area. It is a good way to keep the roots from the harsh heat of the sun and retain moisture. Make sure that the mulch application is done properly to effectively help your young trees absorb more water and establish strong root systems. 

Refrain from pruning 

Proper tree trimming Oahu can improve the health of a tree as it helps reduce water uptake and promote air circulation. But pruning is usually a tree task that should be done by the experts to prevent putting undue tree strain. If you want to have your trees pruned or trees, make sure to contact the tree experts ASAP.  

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